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Since I have started posting, thought it would be a good idea to put together some info for all of you. Twelve years of service under my belt, mostly reserve time now. Started in the Corps, held a few MOS's, mostly infantry types and then a move into logistics when I left active. Moved from Detroit to Wisconsin and decided that I should serve my state and transferred from the Reserve to the Army NG. I left the military during the Clinton Era since I became very frustrated with being part of a Mech Inf unit that played on sand tables more often than the field plus my career started to have way too much travel to maintain a rank in the reserves or guard. Now just a crodegy old Marine remembering lost friends during the Corps Birthday and bringing up the next generation (37 and a newborn, first, this will be harder than recon screening)

Semper Fi....
Welcome to the forum, Lil Hulk, good to have you here. Congratulations on your new child. I got another coming in myself here, but I'm doing it the easy way (uncle :lol: ).
Welcome Hulk.

Congratulation with your child.
I have one myself, 2 years old daughter.. :)
Hey Hulk congratulations on your child : great job ! And welcome to the forum. Interesting to hear what you said about being frustrated under Clinton.
Welcome Hulk. You're right, being a Dad is going to be tougher than you can imagine. But, it's well worth all the effort.
Welcome Hulk. Congratulations on the newborn. I have a two year old son and another on its way (Saw the first ultrasounds today :D ). They’re a lot to handle, but they really give you something to live for.