Russian carrier-based aircraft to exercise in Greek airspace


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Russian carrier-based aircraft to exercise in Greek airspace

15:09 | 02/ 01/ 2009
ATHENS, January 2 (RIA Novosti) - Deck-based aviation of Russia's heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will hold exercises in the Greek airspace in January, the Greek National Defense General Staff said on Friday.
"The exercises will take place on January 3-4 and on January 8-10 southeast of Rhodes Island and on January 11 south of Crete," the General Staff said.
The exercises will be held in international waters but the aircraft will fly in the Athens airspace, the General Staff said.
Russia announced in 2007 that its Navy had resumed and would build up a constant presence in different regions of the world's oceans.


Does anybody have any information on this I didn't find anything else? I'm looking for which Greece aircraft types might take part and is it a joint Navy-Air Force exercises?

Greece order some BMP-3 still not sure if any were delivered but besides S-300 I see Greece as a French/American shop overall.

Does anybody think other types of Russian weapons may interests Greece?