Russia, West reach deal on Ukraine crisis but Obama cautious

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Russia, Ukraine and the West reached a surprise deal aimed at easing the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War, but US President Barack Obama cautioned it was uncertain if Moscow would stand by the agreement. While not spelt out explicitly, that was a likely reference to pro-Kremlin separatists who have taken over parts of Ukraine's restive southeast. The deal appeared to mark a sharp change from the tone taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier in the day, when he left the door open for armed intervention in Ukraine. At the same time, Obama said he was coordinating with leaders in Europe about further sanctions against Moscow if progress was not evident within days.

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This is a very dagerous time for the Europe. Russia wants to be once again a major power. They want all the former lands back before the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Ukraine is just a first act in my opinion. History is repeating itself here. Remeber Hitler and his crew? The West gave him Austria, the Sudaton (sp) and Cheq terriotories with out a fight. The West just stood by and did nothing and Hitler took it as a weakness and invaded Poland and only then did the West (France and England) decalre war. Will the invasion of Ukraine territory end up in a war? I pray not