Russia sells anti-missile systems to Iran


Russia sells anti-missile systems to Iran

MOSCOW - Iran signed a contract with Russia on the sale of 29 Russian systems anti-missile Tor M-1, affirmed Friday the financial daily newspaper Russian Vedomosti, quoting sources in Russian military industry.

"Iran will defend itself against the United States and Israel with the Russian systems Tor M-1", titrated Vedomosti with the one.

According to the sources of the daily newspaper, expressing itself under cover of anonymity, 29 systems' anti-missile Tor M-1 able to intercept cruise missiles and airborne bombs were manufactured by the military factory Koupol with Ijevsk (the Volga) for Greece which had already bought 21 systems of this type.

But the end of the Nineties Greece had given up the new contract which would then have cost him 526 million dollars.

"We recently signed a contract with a foreign State on the sale of anti-missile systems Tor M-1", declared with AFP the spokesman of the factory Koupol, Maria Oudalova, joined by telephone to Ijevsk.

The spokesman refused to specify of which country it acted and which was the number of systems sold Tor M-1, explaining that it acted of a "strategic secrecy" of Russia.

The service of press of the official agency Rossoboronexport in charge of Russian exports of weapons, joined by AFP, affirmed that it "did not have information" in connection with this contract.

The contract "will not violate any international engagement of Russia", because Moscow had left in 2000 a secret agreement with Washington known under the name of Gore-Tchernomyrdine protocol which limited the Russian deliveries of weapons to Iran, underlines Vedomosti.

The Tor systems are "a weapon of defense" and "represent a danger to the United States only if this country attacks Iran", raises a Russian expert of the magazine Exportations of weapons, Mikhaïl Barabanov, quoted by the newspaper.

Iran in particular seeks "to defend its nuclear thermal power station" that Moscow is building in Bouchehr, bus "Israel had affirmed that it examined the possibility of launching strike preventive against this site", explains a professor of the Russian Institute of the International relations, Sergueï Droujilovski, quoted by Vedomosti.

Washington shows Teheran to seek to obtain the nuclear weapon under cover of civil activities.

The purchase of the systems Tor M-1 could cost Iran more than 700 million dollars, according to another expert, Dmitri Vassiliev of the Center of analysis of the strategies and technologies.
Hmmmmm,if they got power to invade near country,will they do after US Withdrawded from IRAQ and try to build United statets Islam?
sandy said:
Hmmmmm,if they got power to invade near country,will they do after US Withdrawded from IRAQ and try to build United statets Islam?

thats an unrealistic assumption... ... ...