Running Cadence


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This is one of the running cadences that we ran to during PT last year, some of you may think its wrong but this is how it was for us. If any of you know another verison feel free to post it.

C-130 Rollin Down The Strip
Airborne Daddy Gonna Take A Little Trip
Stand Up, Hook Up, Shuffle To The Door
Jump Right Out And Count To Four
If my main don't open wide,
Reach Down And Pull My Reserve
If My Reserve Don't Open Up,
Look Out Ground, Cause Here I Come!
Place My Arms Across My Chest,
Tell My Mom I Did My Best
Haha, you're lookin at a few hundred pages if everyone here posts all the versions of that cadence floating around.

Here's another oldie (marching) for you:

Caller: 1-2-3-4

Formation: You can't count to five!

C: 1-2-3-4

F: Cause your brain is fried
On crack, and dope,
And all that stuff you smoke
Crack baby, OH!
haha true.....okay than....if any one know a verison that is close to that, or knows any more of it than that'd be cool...but no posting a hundred different verisons :p, i dont have time to read that!
Here's another verse:

When I land bury me deep
with two turntables at my feet
and a mic at my head
so when I die I can rock the dead.

Most cadences you hear are 50% freestyle (yes, I did pull that number out of my butt :lol: ), so the same basic cadence in any two units is most likely not going to be spot on the same.
herer you go:

Running Cadence / R.A.N.G.E.R

R, (Platoon repeat)
Runnin hard. (Platoon repeat)

A,(Platoon repeat)
All the way. (platoon repeat)

N, (platoon repeat)
Never quit. (platoon repeat)
G, (platoon repeat)
Gotta Go (Platoon repeat)

E, (platoon repeat)
Every day (Platoon repeat)

R, (Platoon repeat
Ranger, (platoon repeat)Ranger, (plt repeat)
Hard core (plt repeat). super dooper (plt repeat)
paratrooper (plt repeat) hardcore (plt repeat)
Ranger (plt repeat)

Running Cadence / Rumble In The Jungle

Ranger wants to earn a combat patch,
There's an Alligator waiting on a three road bridge.
He's just wishing, hopin, praying!
Hey Mr Ranger don't you slip or slide;
cause you'll be in for the fight of your life.

Cause it's gonna be a rumble!
A rumble in the jungle!
It's gonna be fight
in the woods tonight!

Early that morning bout quarter to three,
Ranger was sippin on some Hennessey.
Alligator said with a big ol shout,
Mr Ranger I'm gonna work you out.

Early in the morning on the roof,
Ranger was sippin on some 90 proof.
Alligator looked with a big ol grin,
Hey Mr Ranger I'm gonna do you in.

Cause it's gonna be a rumble!
A rumble in the jungle!
It's gonna be fight
in the woods tonight!

Late that night the ranger's drinkin Gin,
Drank so much until he fell in.
Ranger hit the water, went outta sight,
Alligator on him like a flash o light!

Cause it's gonna be a rumble!
A rumble in the jungle!
It's gonna be fight
in the woods tonight!

We all know that the Ranger didn't lose,
Ranger broke the water wearing alligator shoes!
You might think that this story ain't true,
Cause I am the soldier with the alligator shoes!

Cause it's gonna be a rumble!
A rumble in the jungle!
It's gonna be fight
in the woods tonight!

Running Cadence / USAF Combat Controller

We come in the night and steal your soul
That's because we're the Combat Control

(chorus) Paint my face black and green, Do it well so I won't be seen.

(chorus) I come by land, air and sea, You can call me the CCT! I slip and slither through the grass, Then come up and kick your ass!

(chorus) You run in the bush and try to hide, But that's where I live; your gonna die!

(chorus) A flash and bang will be your fate, You won't know I'm here till it's way to late!

(chorus) Carry my ruck upon my back! Locked and cocked I'm gonna attack!

(chorus) Standin' tall in my red beret, I'm the best in the USA!
C-130 rolling down the strip
Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip
Stand up, Hook up, Schuffle to the door
Jump on out and count to four

If my main don't open for me
I got anther one by my knee
If that one don't open too
look out ground I'm coming thru

Hit the ground with my legs apart
feel my Spinxter hit my heart
heres one i use when calling for Raiders..

C130 rollin down the track
55 soldiers in the back
mission top secret, destination unknown
don't know if they're comin home
stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
pull that cord when you count to four
if my main don't open wide
I've got a reserve right by my side
And if that one should fail be too
Look out below i'm comin through
if i should die on the ol' drop zone
patch me up and send me home
Pin my medals on my chest
tell my momma i did my best
C-130 rollin down the strip,
Airborne Ranger gonna take a lil trip.
Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
Jump right out and shout AIR FORCE.
If my main dont open wide,
I got a nother one by my side.
If that one dont open neither,
Ill say hey to ole Saint Peter.
If I die on the ol drop zone,
Box me up and send me home.
Pin my medals upon my chest,
Tell my mama I did my best.
Tell my girlfriend not to cry,
Airborne Ragers r born to fly.
i know quite a few but here's a unique one

C130 rollin down the strip
blew a tire and the mothaf***** flipped
c130 ain't flyin today
airforce pilot went UA
mission top secret destination unknown
so his sorry @$$ just stayed at home
colonel had a mission that he had to complete
he reached for the phone down by his feet
thought for a minute said "what the heck"
dialed 1-800-LEATHERNECK!