ROTC in COllege


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I would like to know about ROTC in college see I have heard about the ROTC program in the high school and would like information about the one in college and how it is going to be beneficiry to me. If you can offer help please do. :rambo:
Do you have any specific questions?
I don't know you, so it is kind of difficult to tell you what would be beneficial to you personally.
well, ROTC is a shcolorship program for around 200 colleges and universities. you have to do some ceremonies and give up some weekends, and in either your junior or senior year you go to advance camp for 3 to 4 weeks, they take u around, teach u basic skills, do the range for record, take the PT tests. Advenced camp introduces cadets to the Leadership Reaction Course, the Obstacle Course, Advanced patrolling, and the Occasianal Road March. Each of the branches make a pitch to try and make each cadet select their specialty. Then they go to the field and eat MRE's for 5 strait day's and learn about conducting night patrls and land navigation. then they try and sleep in a field-expdient bag.

of course, this is just wat i know about the ARMY's ROTC program.



AFROTC(Air Force)
i forgot, u also get to be commissioned as a 2nd L.T. or as an Esign. U get to wear the butter bars with pride, good luck :cheers: