Roller Coasters?


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Do you guys like roller coasters? Do you love the experience of going 90 miles an hour in a little open car? Or do you have a problem with getting on a machine which seemingly serves one purpose, to make you puke?

See, on a normal forum this would just be a normal question. But on a forum with men who have jumped from planes and been shot at, I would think the "rush" from a coaster pales in comparison.

I personally love coasters, for the view from the top and the speed on the way down. :D
well the only planes ive flown are ones in game (actually i got to fly a plane in real life but it was like for 2 minutes ;) ) But i love roller coasters now. A wile ago i was so scared to go on them cause the height and what they looked like, but then i went to Six Flags for a school trip and went on revolution and then started going on upside down rides....then a bit after that i went on X. But now i will basically go on anything. I like the feeling of the rollar coasters. Most of them dont scare me becuase ive been on them alot and i just find myslef laughing at all the other people screaming because they are so scared
Hey we live in the same place moreless. I went to Six Flags for the first time about a month ago. The first coaster I went on was Goliath(!). After that everything seemed a bit more tame. Revolution is almost a kiddie ride, if it wasn't for the loop it would be. X is insane, absolutely insane. Definetly the worst(best) coaster in the park.

Have you been to Knott's and been on Xcelerator? I just went a couple of days ago. it goes 0-82 mph in 2.9 seconds. By the time you know what happened the ride's over.
Same here. Always fun to ride the coasters. The best one at Knotts is GHOST RIDER; thing is made of wood and makes it seem your gonna fall off. ;)