Richmond Recap


Canuckus Maximus
Lap-by-Lap: Richmond

September 10, 2006
12:05 AM EDT (04:05 GMT)

Lap 400: CHECKERED FLAG: Kevin Harvick wins at Richmond.
Tony Stewart does not make the Chase for the Nextel Cup.
Lap 399 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick slides under Kyle Busch at the white flag.
Lap 397 -- Kevin Harvick is on Kyle Busch's tail as they approach lapped traffic.
Lap 395 -- Kyle Busch continues to lead. Tony Stewart, a three-time Richmond winner, is presently out of the Chase.
Lap 390 -- With 10 laps to go, the top three are stable: Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Kasey Kahne.
Lap 387 -- Jeff Gordon's brakes are burnt. He is running 31st and says he's "just holding on."
Lap 381 -- Tony Stewart must gain five positions -- either he gain five or Kasey Kahne lose five -- to make the Chase. He currently runs 18th.
Lap 367 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. (brakes) and Denny Hamlin (motor) are both battling separate issues and trying to make their machines last until the end of the race. If Hamlin drops out of the race now, he can still make the Chase depending on where others finish.
Lap 351 -- Racing for the lead, Kevin Harvick locks his brakes up to avoid contact with leader Kyle Busch.
Lap 339 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch runs his car deep into the turn and re-takes the lead.
Lap 333 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick's adjustments work, as he blows by Kyle Busch for the lead.
Lap 329 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. has no rear brakes and is running 16th. His team has dialed in his front brakes for more grip.
Lap 326 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch leads.
1. Kyle Busch
2. Kevin Harvick
3. Kasey Kahne
4. Dave Blaney
5. Mark Martin
Lap 324 -- Jeff Green has been parked by NASCAR for his bump on Jimmie Johnson.
Lap 323 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is back on pit road to add brake fluid to the rear. Denny Hamlin is back on track but could not change his plug wires. He is hoping for a quick caution.
Lap 322 -- Leaders are in:
•Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a problem with the rear brakes -- they have no fluid
•Kyle Busch is out first with a quick stop
•Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon pit with the lapped traffic
•Jeff Green is black-flagged for his payback on Jimmie Johnson and pulls behind the wall
Lap 321 -- Denny Hamlin is on pit road although it is closed. The team thinks it's a spark plug problem.
Lap 320 -- YELLOW FLAG: Jimmie Johnson spins coming out of the turn after getting tagged by Reed Sorenson. He has no damage, but when he gets going again, Jeff Green slams the side of Johnson's car. Johnson was the reason Green crashed on Lap 251.
Lap 307 -- Kyle Busch laps Tony Stewart.
Lap 298 -- Tony Stewart is running 23rd and just about 3 seconds ahead of leader Kyle Busch from going a lap down. Presently, Stewart is 11th in the standings at 30 points out.
Lap 286 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. has slight damage on his left-rear bumper after making contact with Ryan Newman.
Lap 265 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch is back out front.
Lap 263 -- GREEN FLAG: Ken Schrader leads the field to green.
1. Ken Schrader
2. Casey Mears
3. Ryan Newman
4. Kyle Busch
5. Kasey Kahne
Lap 257 -- Denny Hamlin's motor is sputtering. He is considering coming back in.
Lap 256 -- After pit stops, Tony Stewart is 11th in the standings, 10 points out.
Lap 255 -- Ken Schrader stays out to lead. Casey Mears and Ryan Newman also stay out.
Lap 254 -- The leaders hit pit road:
•Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in despite thinking about staying out -- four tires
•Kasey Kahne makes a small change to revert back to his old setup
•Kyle Busch again wins the race off pit road
•Tony Stewart makes several changes and is battling a throttle issue
•Jimmie Johnson takes two tires and will restart 12th
Lap 251 -- YELLOW FLAG: Jeff Green smashes nose-first into the wall coming off Turn 2. He has heavy damage in the front. Jimmie Johnson got into his rear bumper.
Lap 228 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch gets the race going again.
1. Kyle Busch
2. Kasey Kahne
3. Denny Hamlin
4. Jeff Burton
5. Kevin Harvick
Lap 223 -- With Mark Martin improving his track position on pit road, he is now 10th in points with Tony Stewart on the outside looking in.
Lap 220 -- The leaders are on pit road:
•Dale Earnhardt Jr. is tight in the corners but doesn't make major changes
•Kasey Kahne gets four tires, wedge and a track-bar adjustment
•Kyle Busch wins the race off pit road
•Matt Kenseth brushes Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s tire carrier, but both are OK
•Mark Martin picks up three spots on pit road
•Scott Riggs gets the free pass
Lap 219 -- YELLOW FLAG: Debris is on the track.
Lap 217 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch pulls out to re-take the lead as he and Kasey Kahne battle through lapped traffic.
Lap 216 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kasey Kahne edges past Kyle Busch to lead the lap.
Lap 200 -- At the halfway mark, Mark Martin is the odd man out at 11th in the standings. He said if he misses the Chase, he will feel like a loser. He's running 13th in the race.
Lap 191 -- Kasey Kahne gets around Kevin Harvick for second place. The two raced side-by-side for about 10 laps with Jeff Burton following.
Lap 170 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets around Mark Martin and Clint Bowyer at the same time in a three-wide pass for ninth.
Lap 165 -- Kasey Kahne gets around Jeff Burton for third place. As they run, Kahne is 10th in the standings, three points ahead of Mark Martin.
Lap 154 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kyle Busch is back in the lead, using Chad Chaffin as a pick to get around Kevin Harvick.
Lap 150 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. noted on the restart that his transmission is slipping and for his team to have a backup transmission ready.
Lap 141 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick is back out front after passing Kyle Busch.
Lap 132 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch leads.
1. Kyle Busch
2. Matt Kenseth
3. Kevin Harvick
4. Jeff Burton
5. Denny Hamlin
Lap 128 -- Sterling Marlin gets the free pass.
Lap 127 -- YELLOW FLAG: Martin Truex Jr. blows another right-front tire. He is headed into the garage.
Lap 125 -- GREEN FLAG: Kyle Busch leads the field to green.
1. Kyle Busch
2. Matt Kenseth
3. Kevin Harvick
4. Jeff Burton
5. Denny Hamlin
Lap 119 -- Cars are on pit road:
•Matt Kenseth has a smooth stop but is off second
•Kyle Busch has a quick stop and beats everyone off pit road
•Kevin Harvick says his car is a little loose and makes adjustments
Lap 119-- Kevin Harvick is officially in the Chase. He runs third on the track. Morgan Shepherd and Chad Blount are officially out of the race, and since Harvick led a lap, he is in.
Lap 118 -- YELLOW FLAG: Martin Truex Jr. has a flat front tire with sparks flying out of the bottom.
Lap 88 -- As they run, Tony Stewart is back in the top 10 in the standings while running 15th. Kasey Kahne is the odd man out while running 10th in the race.
Lap 86 -- GREEN FLAG: Matt Kenseth gets the action back under way.
1. Matt Kenseth
2. Kevin Harvick
3. Jeff Burton
4. Kyle Busch
5. Denny Hamlin
Lap 81 -- Everyone is on pit road:
•Mark Martin makes minor adjustments
•Matt Kenseth is the first car off with a quick four-tire stop
•Kyle Busch gains ground and comes out fourth
•Dale Earnhardt Jr. moves up to 12th with his stop
•Kyle Petty gets the free pass
Lap 80 -- YELLOW FLAG: Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards crash into the wall in Turns 1 and 2. Edwards was below Johnson in the turn and lost control. Both cars spin, but they drive away with minimal damage.
Lap 78 -- As they run, the lowest driver in the race who is currently qualified for the Chase is Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 16th. Tony Stewart is presently 11th in the standings and is running 24th.
Lap 66 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton pulls over and Kevin Harvick re-takes the lead.
Lap 58 -- Kasey Kahne passes Greg Biffle for ninth place, making the top nine drivers in the race all in the Chase as of now.
Lap 45 -- Matt Kenseth reports his brakes are not working properly and may be fading.
Lap 41 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jeff Burton gets around his teammate to take the lead and get five bonus points.
Lap 40 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick blows by Jimmie Johnson.
Lap 39 -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson leads.
1. Jimmie Johnson
2. Kevin Harvick
3. Jeff Burton
4. Mark Martin
5. Jeff Gordon
Lap 35 -- Jimmie Johnson does not pit and inherits the lead after running 17th.
Lap 35 -- The leaders are in:
•Jeff Gordon makes adjustments during a slow stop
•Kevin Harvick gets four tires but has to ease out of his box
•Denny Hamlin loses five positions because a lugnut falls off the wheel
•Martin Truex Jr. spins while leaving his pit stall after getting hit by Kurt Busch
Lap 34 -- YELLOW FLAG: Sterling Marlin spins in Turn 4 just in front of leader Kevin Harvick.
Lap 18 -- LEAD CHANGE: Kevin Harvick catches Denny Hamlin, and Hamlin pulls over to let him go.
Lap 16 -- Kevin Harvick has made his way from fifth to second and is running down Denny Hamlin. His team says it will be conservative until three cars fall out of the race. He must finish 40th to clinch a Chase spot.
Lap 4 -- Because of his starting spot and running in 37th, Tony Stewart is out of the top 10 in the standings as of now.
Lap 1 -- Denny Hamlin pulls away to lead Lap 1, while Jeff Gordon slips into second.


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