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11b4v w/ 75th HQ, formerly 3/75 and 1/75. found the site looking up some info for a speech i have to give. looks pretty good, mostly a lurker type so not sure how much ill post yet. any other rangers here?
Welcome Ranger.

There a a few of your kind somewhere around here.. :D
Welcome Ragnar.

There is another Ranger somewhere roaming about, but that's about it. A lot of active and forum mil members from all over the world around.

HQ? I hope they don't have you driving a desk.
thx for the welcomes.

no sir, they don't have me driving a desk yet.......i still have some killer left in me. :rambo:
Welcome to the forum, Ranger. We always wonder how many of new joiners will become frequent posters. hope you 'll be one of them.