Revised Rank System and New MilBucks Rates


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Dear Redleg,

New rank system looks OK to me and as far as who the first General will be - umm, that would be you.

As to the new MilBucks rate, fine with me. This is your site and your rules - as long as you stay consistent and aren't arbitrary, things should be fine. 8)
Hi Gunner.

I can't be the first general, I'm already a General of the Army (forum)....
But who will be the first general??? (4 stars..) :D

And I won't be changing the rates much now, I just had to fine tune them, haven't used anything like this before so it's hard to set them correct the first time..
I wan't you to post 200-300 posts before you can afford every special effect and item in the PX...

Thanks for you feedback. :D