Even though recently there was a post about how people are not respectful in this board I would have to say the contrary. I say this with no ego and am not suckin up to earn brownie points or anyhting, but this is one of the best boards I have visited. I realized the reason for this is because everyone here has a respect for one another. Older guys all ready know eachother and respect one another while new guys(like myslef) quicly learn we need to have a respect for one another. I got a PM from a member apolgizing for being out of line. Now even though it was actually me who was wrong, he felt he was out of line and wanted to make things right. I have a high respect for almost everyone on this board because of their conduct and attitude towards eachother and I feel honored to be among such a mature group of individuals. God bless
Respect this :p

Just kiddin, you are right. There is a lot of respect on this towards other people. Also, it is earned not given. If you treat people with respect you will get it in return and it will show what kinda person you are ane will become.