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I have noticed that we have a lot of youngsters on here and thought I would put this out there just to see if they can help me figure this out. Is it a lack of respect for others or a lack of respect for self:

i have noticed a lot of kids walkin in streets and not movin when cars are comin by. there are sidewalks and parkin, why not step off to the side? there is a lot of younger kids that just do not move they dont seem to care, why? i was raised in a small hick town in Oklahoma and we didnt have many sidewalks so we had to walk in the street but still moved to the side when a vehicle was comin.
Good point(you probably think"what'r one of those youngsters who are you to reply here")But here eawen younger than me are a little bit too self-you'l understand the rest,no resprct to me,and NO respect ot elders :?
Not only is it a matter of respect and consideration, its a matter of pure common sense.

You're in the middle of the street and see a car coming. "duh I dun wanna move..." *WHAP!* Guess who gets the punishment? The driver.

I always use sidewalks and walk on green ect. These clowns that walk down the center of the street and such think its 'cool'. You know, the same way its cool not to carry an umbrella when it rains or to slide down rails and not hold on to the bars in the subway.

Once I saw this kid, must have been 13 or 14, walking down the narrow center medium of a very busy street, Cars going 50+ mph. I remember my dad yelling out the window 'WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING??? :shock: "
i almost hit someone the other day. was driving down the highway, past the train station where all the "trendy" skoolkids hang out. neway was going abt 60kmh and this girl just ran out in front of me, this is 5 oclock, peak hour traffic.she turned to face me, realised i wasn't going to stop in time (was now skidding as had slammed on the brakes) gave me a disgusted look and walked back tothe side, not off the road but into thelane for parked cars. as i went past i saw her pull of a truly fantastic frogger move and get to the median strip in one run. screeching tires filled the air.
They're like coyotes, you splatter one of them and the others learn to keep their distance. Just something to think about. ;) :lol:
FutureRANGER said:
Not only is it a matter of respect and consideration, its a matter of pure common sense.

Which i add is apperently not very common any more. People standing, walking, or running in the midddle of the road are practially weraing a sign saying, "splatter me" ;)
I am glad to see at least I am not the only one that is seein a problem here. I know that when I was a teen I was one cocky SOB and nothin has changed from then, but I still had respect for the people around me and enough common sense to move when a vehicle was comin down the road.
The thing here is that a guy gets beaten up by four other guys and sent to hospital,but when he recovers he has such a selfestem that he thinks that he is a siperman or something(he survived the beating).I hate those guys