Report Warns of Chinese Military Machine


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Once again I stand here with evidence in hand. The People's Republic of China is planning for something fierce to happen very soon.

Report Warns of Chinese Military Machine

Charles R. Smith
Monday, Dec. 19, 2005

China Will Fight for 'Living' Space

According to a recently released report from a top-level Washington think tank, China plans to win a war over Taiwan within a week.

"PLA authorities have pledged that they can capture Taiwan within seven days," states the report.

The report, "China's Great Leap Forward," published by the Hudson Institute, outlines a chilling view of China's evolving "military juggernaut."

There are many in Washington who believe that the Chinese leadership will not engage in active combat for fear of losing trade dollars and ruin the scheduled Olympic games in Beijing.

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In contrast, the report is filled with quotes from top-level Chinese officials that have not been published in the U.S. mass media. For example, Chinese President Hu Jintao, often viewed in the Western press as a moderate in PRC politics, is clearly cited as confident that waging war in the Pacific will not affect China's global trade.

According to General Secretary Hu Jintao, "We believe that the war will not obstruct the holding of the 2008 Olympic Games."

The Hudson report outlines a terrifying scenario of a Chinese invasion force landing "between 200,000 and 400,000 troops" on Taiwan. The Chinese air force (PLAAF) will then use "mammoth forces" to overwhelm Taiwan's small air forces. The PLAAF will mobilize 3,000 aircraft to "annihilate" Taiwan's air defenses.

"We must capture Taiwan, even if that means we have to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers!" notes the report, quoting an unnamed Chinese general.


Reunification of the Motherland

Beijing is solidly on the path of forcing Taiwan to "return to the Motherland" even if it means war with the United States. The Hudson Institute report concludes that the Chinese military is not afraid to fight America.

"Beijing is also prepared to fight the United States if such a confrontation proves unavoidable. The PLA [People's Liberation Army] will mobilize its destroyers equipped with SSN-22 anti-ship cruise missiles, Kilo-class submarines, and Chinese Aegis warships to clash with the Seventh Fleet, and will use information warfare to destroy U.S. satellites and command-and-control systems," states the Hudson report.

The conclusions of the Hudson report mirror statements issued by the Chinese army that trade and economic growth are secondary issues. According to an official report by the CMC (Central Military Command), China is confident that it must overwhelm Taiwan and deal with American military forces within the next few years.

"Taking into account of possible intervention by the U.S. and based on the development strategy of our country, it is better to fight now than future – the earlier, the better. The reason being that, if worst comes to worst, we will gain control of Taiwan before full deployment of the U.S. troops. In this case, the only thing the U.S. can do is fighting a war with the purpose of retaliation, which will be similar to the Gulf War against Iraq or the recent bombing of Yugoslavia," notes the Chinese army report.

The Chinese army also makes it clear that it has fought U.S. forces before and prevailed. According to the PLA report, the "strategic superiority" of the U.S. military forces has not been tested in a war against a large country.

"In contrast, using the Vietnamese War as an example, our forces do have the experience of fighting the U.S. forces under modern warfare conditions. In that war, the Chinese forces were mainly responsible for air defense and accumulated a whole set of experience in this regard," notes the Chinese army report.

The Chinese leadership is also confident about fighting a nuclear war with America. The Chinese military makes it clear that it is willing to go to nuclear war with America.

"In comparison with the U.S. nuclear arsenal, our disadvantage is mainly numeric, while in real wars the qualitative gap will be reflected only as different requirements of strategic theory. In terms of deterrence, there is not any difference in practical value. So far we have built up the capability for the second and the third nuclear strikes and are fairly confident in fighting a nuclear war. The PCC has decided to pass through formal channels this message to the top leaders of the U.S."

War With Russia

The Hudson report also notes that Washington and Taipei are not alone in worrying about the emergence of Chinese global military power. Recent events inside Moscow show growing concern inside the Kremlin about the monster on Russia's eastern border. Russian military experts now warn, "Thanks to Russia, Chinese military might is growing even faster than its economic might."

"According to General-Major V. Slipchenko, the ultimate goal of Chinese military reform consists in the creation of a military establishment that guarantees 'living space' within 'strategic borders.'

These 'strategic borders' must shift according to the expansion of China's Integrated State Power, the primary components of which are economic and military might," warns the Hudson report.

"Nor should it be forgotten that China's geopolitics as formulated by Mao gave priority to expanding the country's borders, especially by annexing Russian territories," states the report.

"According to Russian military scientists, the process of settling Chinese people in the Far East is proceeding almost unchecked. Even now it is acquiring a massive character which creates the preconditions for a conflict situation and the use of force."

"In January 2005, General-Lieutenant V.I. Ostankov, director of the General Staffs Military-Strategic Studies Center, warned that the strengthening of China's economic might and its growing population require tremendous resources. Because the repository of the world's natural resources has already been divided up, it seems logical that the vector of Chinese expansion will be directed toward the abutting regions of Russia (above all, Siberia and the Far East) as well as of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia."

"Some Russian analysts have gone so far as to charge that Russian nuclear weapons are in fact a 'non-deterrent' against China. The Chinese leadership is said to be willing to sacrifice 'hordes' of its citizens in pursuit of its geostrategic objectives," concludes the Hudson report.

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I will let you know when it becomes necessary to begin using a proxy server to access this site. ;)

Nothing in this report is surprising to me at all. It fits. And it more clearly explains this...
Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Wednesday that 70 percent of next year’s state defense order would be spent on the procurement of new armaments and military hardware, the Interfax news agency reported.

“The state defense order will amount to 237 billion rubles ($8.27 billion) next year, which is nearly 54 billion rubles ($1.88 billion) more than this year. This will allow the spending of 70 percent of the funds on the procurement of new armaments and military hardware or comprehensive upgrades of the hardware currently available in military units,” Ivanov told reporters in Moscow.

He stressed that “next year we are planning to procure as much hardware as is needed to rearm a whole military unit — a battalion, a squadron or a regiment”.
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Indeed, the thread was locked but I would have posted that in my effort to disprove that post I came upon a mountain of information supporting it. Even further when I asked some people here, although not privy to this knowledge they did confirm rather than deny that this was not only possible but probable. Shocking at first but as they unravelled the "logic" behind the train of thought that gives this Chinese idea its impetus it made absolute sense and more than a few lightbulbs clicked on.
The logic they are applying is the same principle they applied during the Korean War and the same as Grant used in the American Civil War. Numbers, shear numbers. They are planning to overwhelm by volume. Its playing to their strength. Taiwan might have them outclassed and outgunned technologically thanks to US arms sales but they don't have the numbers. What good is it if you have the most advanced anti-air missile defense when you run out of SAMs? What good is the power of the 7th fleet when they run out of ammo and the enemy just keeps coming?? It is a simple matter of mathematics and I think they're right in their figures.
The PRC is beocming a threat to world security. They have three things that scare the piss out of me.

1) Nukes
2) Balls
3) Numbers

I'm telling you, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. get ready folks. Cause the devil is coming. And he has a "made in china" sticker on him.
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The Communist Party of China has been preaching and innundating the people of mainland China constantly with all the ways in which "Taiwan stole from us." "Taiwan cheated us." "They all deserve to die." "Taiwan has not right to decide anything for itself because it belongs to China." Its much like their constant preaching about the evils of Japan, its some thing that leads the public to take up the cause of its own volition. The people of China cannot fathom the concept of Taiwan being an independent country, and they're all for nuking it into oblivion if Taiwan declares independence.
I'm telling you, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. get ready folks. Cause the devil is coming. And he has a "madein china" sticker on him.

Lol, your the best quote machine since Reagan.
The RAND report about China's military is an interesting read. Between RAND and other reports of the subject several points are crystal clear.

1. China is engaged in one of the largest military buildups the world has ever seen.

2. The Chinese military is rapidly approaching that of most western nations. This is partially due to companies such as Garman who sell GPS systems to China, who in turn use them as navigation and weapons delivery aids. They also use some of the some machinery that was used to build the B-1 to build their fighters, including a 5 head CAD controlled milling machine that was considered a "restricted" export item that needed approval for sale to China. This was provided by the office of the President of the US (Bill Clinton).

3. The Chinese are already engaged in open economic warfare aginst the entire world. This is directed mainly at the US, but the Chinese feel no qualms about unlicensed production of any product, from anyone.

4. The Chinese are buying comercial airliners hand over fist. It is presumed by the epeople who know about these things, that they are persuing the Soviet model of Military Air Transport, and plan to use this fleet of "Comercial" aircraft as "Military" aircraft to project power when the time comes.

5. The Chinese have secured stratigic assests assets around the world. The Chinese control the ports at either end of the Panama Canal, and have placed high power Radar picket stations around the world (Tarawa is one of the places) among other moves.

6. The Chinese are actively engaged in proxy wars.

7. Either Directly, or through proxies such as North Korea, and Iran, they supply weapons, support, and technology to any nation that is against the west. At the time of the US-led invasion of Iraq, China was busy building Saddam a hardened, fiber optic command and control apparatus. And if you wish to go back to the Sudan, Chinese MiG's flown by Chinese trained pilots happily drop bombs (using Garman's gear for targeting) on Christian refugee camps.

This information is not secret squirrel stuff. It's all been published. The problem is that it's just not sexy enough to make the front page. You have to look a little deeper in the paper, read PM or PS, or read a trade journal now and then.

The only check to this program at this point is the quiet civil war happening in China. "Civil War?" you say. Again all the info is out there, if you bother to actually read something beyond the New York Times or your local rag. Go to the library and start reading things like "The Economist", or some other trade journals.

Wake up sheeple, there are a whole lot of things going on that you need to know about.
The Communist Chinese have no problems copying anything that is copy righted. Look at their arms company NORINCO.

They produce a copy of the Beretta 92FS, SIG P226, SIG P228, Remingotn 870 Shotgun, Colt 1911-A1, Winchester 1897 Shotgun, Mossberg 500 Shotgun, Colt AR-15, Springfield Armory M1A, etc...

They sure can't design anything, but they sure damn copy everything. The simple fact that they hold no respect for copy rights should give the AMerican government a reason to stop business with these communist scumbags.
The problem Luis is that the big businesses and investors making all the money in China now are the same guys signing the campaign checks. No one is going to bite the hand that feeds even if it does in fact amount to treason. Look at the Bush, DuPont and Rockefeller families activities during WWII, engaged in trade and finance with the Third Reich even after war was officially declared and Americans were dying in combat. Money is everything in this world.
Gordon Gekko: The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.

You mean you're not a fan of the movie "Wall street" bulldogg?
I am a pragmatist and accept the world as it is, simply because I have accepted those things I cannot change. This does not mean however that I agree with, like or condone such things. In my mind no one from ANY family who has commited the acts of treason that the Bushes, Rockefellers and Duponts have should have ever been allowed to hold public office. In point of fact I believe that they should have had all business AND personal assets seized, full public announcements followed by being tarred and feathered every last one of them, a loss of citizenship and deported to the countries they allied themselves with making money from the blood of their fellow citizens. BUT I am a common citizen of the world, no massive fortune hence no power with which to foment any change and I refuse to tilt at windmills at the expense of my family's well-being. I am making a very decent wage here and am attaining a great insight into the workings of the Chinese. Something that one day might prove vital to the survival of my friends and my family.
Improvise, adapt and overcome.
Well, you are but one common citizen as am I. But together we make two common citizens. And if we get another common we make three. Etc, etc...

That is what and how the Great Nation of the United States of America was founded.


If we the people form the government. Than we the people have power to control our government. How do we do this? Simple inform the sheeple of society of the threat that the People's Republic of China and it's Communist Government poses to our security. One person cannot move a mountain, but many can. The in history, one man is what causes major events.

To me. There are somethings more valuble than survival. And that is my freedom. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Or like some folks use to say. Better dead than red.

I don't care period. I will continue to inform the public of what threats are out there to the American way of life.

America is my adopted homeland. I have seen what the miracles of communism can do. I consider myself more American than Cuban. And I will proudly rise up in arms to defend it. I have done so before. And I would do so again. Freedom is something that you cannot understand, discribe, or think about untill you have had it striped away form you or never had it tostart with. Once I arrivided in America, I under stood what Freedom is. And as i said before. I will fight to the death to protect it.

Money makes the world go round, but there is something more basic than that. Freedom makes the world go round. Those in America that do business have the freeodm to profit from the oppressed. And they are abusing the freedoms that they have. But there are others just like me in society. There aren't many, but they do exist. And they, just like me will make sure that no matter what happens, we will do everything with in out power to correct the worngs of the world.


PS - May the oppressive governments of the world collapse soon.