Refined by Fire by: LTC (Ret.) Brian Birdwell


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A Soldier's story of 9-11. A Family's triumph of Love and Faith.

First let me say this book is my all time favorite. The way I feel about it and the Birdwell's is truly undescribable. No matter what hardship you're facing in your life, this book will make you see that it's not about problem your facing it's alll about God.

This book is the vivid account of Brian Birdwell on that faithful fall day. He relives the events that took him to within twenty feet of the point of impact on the pentagon, and the resulting 3rd degree burns that followed. He was burned over sixty percent of his body, they said he probably wouldn't surrive the first week, yet he did and what's more he surrived the painful recovery that changed his life. Thirty plus operations and countless physical therapy sessions later, he resrmed his duties at the pentagon and retired after completing two more years. "His story is proof that God doesn't waste our pain and that our greastest tragedy can also make us stronger."
I got mine just this summer from the local Lifeway Chirstan store, but most book chains should have it or would be able to order it. would probably have it too.

Here's all the stuff on it.
Refined By Fire
By: LTC (RET) Brian Birdwell
Mel Birdwell
with Ginger Kolbaba
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illnois
and my soft cover version was about $12.99 U.S. Which is defintly worth it, it'll cure what ever is ailing the chirstan heart.