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Anyhere collect original WWII clothing/items etc. ?

I am getting items together for a basic infantry outfit - all original stuff(which i think is cool) If you have any share because it will be interesting to see what you got! :lol:

Tons of it .. my g-father was one of Darby's and served later at Point du Hoc. We're from Ireland, and when he heard the US was forming a new unit out of Northern Ireland, he was one of the first in line to enlist (they weren't so sticky about US citizens back then). He kept all of his gear .. uniforms, medals ... German/Italian heads (just kidding, sort of).

If I were you, I wouldn't use any of the originals for reenactment, get replicas made .. there are tons of companies and grandma's that can do a steller job.

As to my stuff, I'll try and get a few photos for you.

Do any other reenacting besides WWII?
Well, yea for certain things I am not using originals for instance jacket and boots and pants... but as far as the web gear I have originals in good shape, along with a helmet - leggings and all that so it should work out fine.

I'd really love to check out some photos too!

Yes, as a matter of fact I do Civil War reenacting also - campaigner style... not fat, old guys lol. In Civil War however there are no originals so you really have to do your research and pick out which is the best, and its a lot more expensive then WWII, but worth it - both completely different experiences.

P.S. Is that ranger of yours still alive? :cry: So many vets have been passing away lately & not getting the respect they deserve! If he is, tell him I said thanks for his service!

The Last Great War... WWII!!!
In Civil War however there are no originals so you really have to do your research and pick out which is the best, and its a lot more expensive then WWII, but worth it - both completely different experiences.

I never got much into Civil War, but did a lot of Rev war. Easy to spend a few thousand on kit.

Is that ranger of yours still alive?

No, he passed away years ago. It's become the time where we are losing most of our WWII vets, luckily, before he died I managed to get a collection of recorded tapes of him telling his war stories as well as some from other Rangers he would link up with occasionally. Perhaps one day, when I'm feeling less selfish, I'll donate some of the things I have to the WWII museum.
Wow, that's awesome, and I am sorry to hear he has moved on.

Save and cherish those tapes! I'm sure when the time comes and you feel it is right you will donate them to help better educate the future generations of the last great war!! Glad to hear it.

Civil War is a blast! My last reenactment was a grand old time!

My mess unit was portraying the 12th NJ at the battle of Hatcher's run - 1865. Small event with just us guys and the rebs...

We had to eneter the snow covered woods mind you with only what Civil War soldiers would have, period close, rations of bread, some rotten cheese and water. The Rebs were dug in off in the woods in some nice rifle pits. WE had to go locate them. Since it was late war tactics were improving and we spreaded out into 2 squads. Well, we finally located them when they challenged us with the password (this was all done in 1st person) and we had no answer, they let a few rounds off and we pulled back a bit. We immediately started to dig in with our period trenches.

1st problem - Cold, wet, muddy
2nd problem - our period tools broke

We then abandoned the rifle pits started to pile tree limbs between trees as our outposts. We had line with copper and tin cups hanging from it, 2 hour patrol shifts. IT WAS A BLAST!

We ended up encountering the Rebs in a few skirmishes also. Both lines jawing back and forth - and 1st person makes it feel as you were there.

^^this is why i do it... our group does this individual events that make the civil war experience much more enjoyable.

I can understand where you are coming from with not liking it that much. The F.A.R.B.S. who roll to events in their mobile homes take away from the whole experience.

Anyways, I'm glad to hear you have acquired those items, and maybe get a pic up or 2 of them and your Grandfather!

Sorry, got a couple questions here. Who are the F.A.R.B.S.? And what is this "1st person" you are referring to? By that I mean, it seems that if you are out on the field reenacting, you would necessarily be in first person mode. Take into account I have absolutely zero experience with reenactments, never been in one, never been to one. Thanks.
Oh yea no problem...

1st person is when you do all reenacting like a soldier from the 1860's.
- There is NO modern talk what-so-ever.
- All rules implied with officers--Saluting/Yes sir
- Talking like an uneducated 1860's soldier, for instance talk about home... what you did before the war - things like that, it enhances the experience to a whole different level, something the majority of reenactors don't do.

F.A.R.B.s is the term "campaigners" call the people who reenact but aren't dedicated in making sure they have every detail right to accurately portray the common soldier. They do it as a more social event/hobby on a weekened bases. They are the ones who bring their coolers and snacks with them in their tents, and just throw a blanket over top of it... they will use lighters and smoke cigarrettes which in my case ruins a whole civil war event... especially when soldiers say "sweet" or "dude"

Even though they only do it as a social event and fun hobby (which i respect) they don't really do a good job portraying a soldier.

We call them F.A.R.B.s (F***ing Ain't Right Bastards)

It's too hard to get into detail but you prolly get the idea. :lol:
No, I got you, thanks for the explanation.
Do many people reenact the raiders? That's what all my people were from Missouri (actually related to Jesse James).
Reenactmenters in Movies

Just curious. Has anyone or any group been used as extras in movie making? I have heard of such things happening but never could pinpoint any group used in films. It just seems that it would be cheaper to make a movie if everyone was already outfitted in period costumes and knew all the maneuvers. :camo: