Redlegs Slot Machine....


The fire is everything
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Redlegs Slot Machine.

It's a simple slot machine with a military twist.
Instead of using tha tratitional apples, oranges etc. it uses artillery shells, towed guns, M109'a and MLRS.

It costs 5 MilBucks to use the slot machine.

Two of a kind: 3 MilBucks
Three Shells: 15 MilBucks
Three Towd Guns: 20
Three M109's: 30
Three MLRS': 50

The prices may change.
Pleace check here to find the current prices on the slots.

Pleasy don't reply here....
Changed the prices a bit on the Slot machine today

Two of a kind: 5 MilBucks
Three Shells: 15 MilBucks
Three Towed Guns: 25
Three M109's: 40
Three MLRS': 50

The Slot machine seemed to take more than it gave, but it should be more generous now.
So start spending your hard earned cash on the slot machine today.. :D