Red Dwarf


Who can remember the days of decent funny humour comedy...........Red Dwarf was a brilliant series that eventually came to an end when Craig Charles got accused of rape.

This series really cracked me up and always had something different the humour OMG you have to love the great british humour lol

Who can

My best character has to be cat..................always vein all those suits and his half wit brain.

So who else can remember this series?
I remember Red Dwarf. Hilarious stuff. I first started watching when I was 6...never really understood much of it. Now, I know what was going on, and it makes me crack up even more.

Rimmer was probably my favorite, just because he was such use Lister's saying..'smeg head'.
lol yeah I managed to get a few copies onto my hard drive actually. Funny stuff. I enjoyed it.
Speaking of old comedies... Black Adder was really funny.