Recruiting Questions


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Hi everyone. I just found this forum about a week ago and have been lurking since then. I would like to join either the Army to be a Ranger, my first choice, or the Marine Corps, but I have a few questions about whether or not I would be able to.

I am completely healthy now, but when I was younger I used to get bronchitis occasionally. I was also taking depression medication up until recently, something I realized that it had no effect and that I didn't need it. (I'm not depressed, but there was a history of it in my family. They tested my blood and found out that I might have depression and put me on the medication just to be safe.)

I also had a felony charge on my record when I was 13. My records have been sealed, but I know that in the military there are no such things as sealed records. When I was younger I used to be really into film making and special effects. I had the bright idea to make my own type of firework that would create a nice effect when filmed. I brought it with me to school to show some friends and ended up getting caught. And no, of course I was not intending to set it off at school.

My question is based on this information do I have any chance of getting in to the Marine Corp or the Army? I'm planning on talking with a recruiter about this, but I wanted to get some input from people who have experience with this sort of thing.

-One last questions. My last question involves getting a waiver. I know that for at least my criminal record I would need to get a waiver to be able to join. How long do waivers normally take to be processed?

About your bronchitis: As long as you have documentation that it isn't a chronic condition, I think you should be okay.

About your depression: To the best of my knowledge, the military takes a dim view on mental illnesses. However, I'm not sure about this you said?

They tested my blood and found out that I might have depression

Did your doctors test your thyroid functions?

Anyways, if you are healthy mentally...then you should get your doctor to write a supportive report saying that all is well, and attach it to your application.

About your felony record: Your offence sounds like a misdemeanour charge, so I don't think that would hinder your chances. I think the military is more concerned about major charges, such as robbery or assault.