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My mom and I were talking the other night about me making a video of mine and surrouding squadrons and presenting it durin an assembly at my school. Anyone know if there are any rules or regs about this? (Some of you know how much I hate both of them!)

Also, this is a totally corny idea, and pretty much a joke, but we put calling cards on the strings of balloons and let them go at my church. ANother CAP member there went on to explain how you could see the change of wind speed and direction at different altitudes by watching the balloons. Could this possibly be used as a recruiting idea, or is it just something i shouldn't bother mentioning.
The idea might have to kinda be limited, my whole "she is your cadet commander, you will do drill and do it right for her" idea finally came through, and I realized that I don't really have time to do a lot of taping. Unless I start letting my flt cc take over for a few meetings and go tape other sqs.... Hmm, I'll have to see what I can let fly first, and then we'll figure it out.

btw... I got promo'd! Now a c/TSgt~!
Actually since it would be considered Public Affairs and Recruiting and Retentions it falls under CAPR 190-1 Volume I and II. Also recruit your unit Public Affairs Officer to help you.

I would help but last I checked I am a good 3 hours away (not to say I won't visit you all at some point and time)

Any one going to the Winston Salem Airshow if so say hi to C/Capt Amie M. Kuafmann for me
I don't see why you couldn't do it. I was allowed to do some recruiting for my squadron over the P.A. at school during the morning announcements.
My SQ has gotten a lot of people through things like going to schools, helping at airshows, etc. We even have this thing ever year for the 4th of july. We run the parking lots and stuff....we seem to get a lot of people through that.

I think it helps that we are on a AFB.....
drilldownmaster2004 said:
it does not really matter where you are aslong as you make a good first impression
True. But one of the facts that catch a lot of peoples eye is seeing us on a base, or just out side of one. A lot of people come up to us and ask if we are in the AF and stationed at Travis, that then gets us in conversation etc. And when we are walking around the base AF personel ask us how to get their kids into our program, or even themselves. I understand this can happen anywhere, but hey, you have to admit it helps.

EDIT: I'm on Travis AFB in NorCal