Recruiter duty is limited to something like a 2 year tour. (1 or 2, can't remember which). Meaning, if you go in and talk to a recruiter now, you will go to MEPS with someone completely different. It would be a wate of your time and the recruiter's time. I think you are better off seeing if there are any Junior ROTC units in your area, and talking to them. This will also give you a taste of the military to see if you enjoy it.

i started talking to recruiters when i was 16, but i've somewhat studied the army since i was alittle kid, so i knew some of the answers i got, i think its better to get ahead of the game, if you ask me
It also depends on the grade level you are in during the age of 16. If you are a Junior in H.S. then you should talk to the recruiter by all means, to get yourself set up and ready to enlist when you turn 17 (with parental consent for some branches-some you have to wait till 18). If you are a Sophomore, then wait until Junior year, but in the meantime you should be going through all the information you can find about the military, and not just one specific branch, unless that's what you have your heart set on. It's better to know something of what you're interested in doing before you start making contact with recruiters, but...if it's your Junior year, then it's ok to start talking with them. At least that's what I did....when I was 16 and still in my Junior year, I spoke with the Navy recruiter that came to my school and got some information and then after I decided I wanted the Navy, I contacted the recruiter months later myself, but of course by this time, I was 17. So I depends on a few things too...other than just age.