Records Help?


Milforum Otaku
I found my Gramps DD214 from WWII. I had some questions about when he served in certain areas, so I requested his records. I received a letter the other day stating that there had been a fire, and that mostlikely his records were lost in that fire.

My question is... is there anywhere else I can look? I'm really curious about his service in Normandy. I didn't know that he served there until I read his DD214. He talked in length about his time in Africa and Italy, but...
There should be Records covering about every thing. Now if your Grandfather had been in the forces during WW2 find out which units he had served with. Then you can check just where these were during D Day. If you can find out what your relatives did in the the American Civil War then you should be able to find out what happened 60 years ago
Unit war diaries generally provide very in depth information as well and they are usually fairly easy to find in book form or even on the web.