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The best way to take pictures, gain info and, and go from one country to another in under 20 minutes is the way. I'm not sure, but do you think it is better to keep this plane in flight or to retire it. The outside looks old, but they modify the inside every five years. It goes past 700 mph. What do you think?

The plane is KNOWN as the SR-71 BLACK BIRD. It is the fastest plane in the world. You should put that on military trivia.
It helps if you identify what you are talking about in the first place, ok? And the SR-71 is already retired, it was made obsolete by our advancing satellite technology, and it was too expensive to run to justify it's continued use.

i was so excited. I forgot to write what I was talking about. Any thing about planes I might know. I'm trainning to be an airplane mechanic. I a take one calss a day about airplanes.
I was more impressed with the stealth properties of the SR-71 than anything else. From the usual angular surfaces to the paint containing small steel balls to break up radar returns. The thing had to sit and cool off before it could be touched after a flight.
Yes, and it shrank to original size again.
It is still remarkable that only one SR-71 ever crashed in its service time (inside the US).
Not many planes do have this record.