Re-enlisting how should i go about it?


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Greeting ladies and gentleman.

I am a retired military officer from the marine corps. I have done recon mission starting in Afghanistan some time before 2001. I enlisted at the age of 18 during under the Alias Mr Bravo. I have done many recon mission after a 2 years of renascences. I came back to the states into Texas later was incorporated in motorcycle gang activity and smuggled into Russia where my hometown is Novorossiysk.

I been affiliated with the KGB and SVR even the FSSP. During my time back in Russia I was a individual organized criminal doing dirty jobs to risk my life to survive in a harsh climate. I killed many Russian that were affiliated with many Mafia Families manly getting names of God Fathers. With in a series of a year I killed aprox 1,200 Russians that were part of important Mafias under many names and identities. I was responsible for the presidential election of Vladimir Putin during the time he was working for the Prime Minister. I pretty much go rid of his opposers and hired hitman that continued on with planing his assassination. I have had much communication with Putin during his time as Assistant Minister.

I was interrogated by the FSSP after a series of serial killing and told that during my interrogation that Putin is going to be the President of the Russian Federation telling them that my Russian Family were decorated KGB operatives and that Putin was in good regrades to my Family. I have done something I regret. Yet when I was introduced to the Putin Family i was shown some of the elitist spetnaz units and I told them to incorporate Ninja like tactics and techniques for close arm combat. I showed them how the KGB did some of there physical exercises and to practice on trees. I enter spetnaz training and got the shit beat out of me. After a while I went rouge.

During the time I was going rouge I kept on moving down the chain of Mafia families and incorporating my seed into there woman. I had many partners and didnt fixate on just one. I told them to kill there fathers and spare the mother. Most of the time they did was told and I had help with the execution of some of military officials in Russia. Most of the time the woman's bother if they had one became the man of the house and I was under many alias that it was difficult to pin point me. I stole drugs and rarely ever held any other currency. I worked on a bargaining system trading drugs I stole for weapons and mostly just killed people with there own weapons. I rarely drunk liquor at the time but was fixated on a cup of wine time to time.

During the times I was not killing I fixated on teaching the general population about electrical configuration and chemical interactions. Taught people how to make explosives and disarm them and rearm them. I taught communication techniques and taught Russians how to incorporate English with there language. I was tracked down by some of the motorcycle affiliates that wanted me to go back to America. I told them I wanted to stay so I did. After a while Putin was done with me and found some one to take my place and realized that I was a noose. So he order military officials to capture me and deport me to Africa.

One day I was sitting at a table by myself at a expensive restaurant in Russia. The Russian police surrounded the place and 3 spetnaz fought each other to see who would be the one to take me down. The one who proved himself carried out the plan they had in store. So he came up to me and slit my upper lip off with a knife and put a bag over my head with knock out gas in it. I passed out and woke up in some part of Africa.

During the time I was in Africa I became blood thirsty and started killing random people. Sooner or later I was hunted down by Somalian pirates. During the time when the Marines invaded Somalian territory I spoke perfect English and told them that a Psych institute in Texas deported me to Africa for misbehaving and they took me back in to America. During that time later came 9/11 terror attack.

I went off the grid and wasn't found. But during the time back in Texas, before I was deported I told Putin to spy on me. Since than Russian SVR has been with in my preeminence recording everything I ever do. They refuse to show there face to me and I have no idea what is in store for me. I am under my American Identity with no record of being affiliated with anything other than record by the USA government as a mentally unstable individual that has gone thru special education system at a bare minimum to hold a high school diploma. Yet I am some what highly intellectual.

I focus on Computer Science, Cryptographic Algorithms, Programming Hardware, Reverse Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Information Gathering, Tactical Analysis of intellectual property. Software Design and Malware development. Organic and Synthetic Chemistry, Electromagnetism and Electrochemistry.

Rifle calibration, Missile development in Rocket Science. Explosive Technician. :sniper:

Nuclear Silo Technician and Developer. Communications :CG:

Foxtrot Alpha Echo - Bravo Charlie - Echo Alpha Echo Zero

So how would I go up re-enlisting.