Rare World War II Bomber Discovered


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Rare World War II Bomber Discovered at the Bottom of the Aegean (video)

Tasos Kokkinidis-

Jul 18, 2017

A twin-engine bomber from the Second World War was discovered lying on the sea bed south of the Greek island of Ikaria.
The Martin Baltimore type aircraft built by the Glenn L. Martin Company in the United States crashed in the sea in 1945, as it was flying towards Thessaloniki.

According to reports, the plane which was located at a depth of 16 meters is in a very good condition.
Greek public television, ERT, reports that the find is bound to create great interest internationally, since it is the only bomber of this type that has survived to date.
Overall around 1,500 such planes were build.
The plane was mapped and photographed by local professional divers.

People misuse the word. In an article in National Geographic on Pearl Harbor/USS Arizona a Park Ranger said they want the ship to survive as long as possible. NO! The ship "died" Dec 7, '41, her wreck exists. Should have said that they wanted the wreck to exist as long as possible.
I agree, however, I suspect what they mean is that it is the only known/available aircraft of its type.
They are using "surviving" as a method of saying they know where it is and can be accessed and I guess technically they can recover it and return it to an identifiable state.
The photograph is of a Martin Maryland, an earlier model to the Baltimore. Both the Martin Maryland and Baltimore were used by the RAF.
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Oddly enough looking at the video it is in surprisingly good shape, it looks to be upside down though.