Raising The Flag


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A certain person from my unit who shall remain nameless (you know who you are), but lets refer to him as MD, was on a course at Hampstead Barracks in Adelaide, South Australia.

Each morning the Duty Student had to raise the Australian flag outside the Land Warfare Centre. The morning MD was raising the flag as per he'd been taught. When the flag got to the top of the pole he gave the rope a little tug (as you do to unfurl the folded flag). But the flag hadn't been folded properly, and it kind of came down the pole a bit, and got stuck in a bunch. So he had this bunched up Australian flag half way up the flag pole.

Anyway, in a panic MD ran back to his lines and grabbed a coat hanger. He ran back and collected a large green bin on the way. He straightened out the coat hanger and stood on the bin and tried to hook the flag to untangle it. Well of course the coat hanger got caught in the flag.

He then jumped off the bin and started to lower the flag to fix it. Only problem was in his panic he dragged it up the pole again instead of down and jammed the flag into the pulley at the top.

So now, rather than just unfurling the flag and moving off to first lesson, he has got the Australian national flag in a crumpled ball jammed into the pulley at the top of the flag pole (outside the LWC no less - this place is full of brass) with a coat hanger hanging off it.

Luckily for poor old MD nobody in the LWC saw his antics. The only staff member from his course to see this happen was an MP Sergeant who took pity on MD and uttered 3 words.... "Fix it ---- Idiot", rather than ripping him a new one.

Pride of the Australian Army this lad is :wink:
now if that wouldve happened around here, that person would have been pushing from the posting of the colors to the retireing of colors at the end of the night lol
AussieNick said:
and got stuck in a bunch. So he had this bunched up Australian flag half way up the flag pole.

Bunch as in a wadded ball, not branch :mrgreen:

Nice one and a decent MP too