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Do you go into RAGE mode when you think about 9/11 and what al Qaida has done? If so, Rage Report is for you!
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Patriots around the world that agrees with the United States every move? Just wondering wasnt ment to be mean in anyway, just a question.
From the posts I looked at Im wondering if any of the admin on that site are objective or are all of them Democrats? That to me looks like the prime requisite to be an admin, not only to be a vet but to be a democrat. Almost every post I seen under "strike/counterstrike" or whatever it was labeled did nothing but completely put down the President and Vice President and any Republican you could try to drag through the mud. I wouldnt join that site since I DO support President George Bush. That site is nothing more than a haven to downtrod republicans. "Cheney did this" "Pres Bush did that" and "Kerry is on Godlike status"

Cant see the point in joining a forum where to be a "patriot" you have to be a democrat.