Questions Concerning The United States Marine Corps

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Thank you all for viewing this thread, i hope it will be some aid to other like minded individuals. My questions are as follows
1. The Marine Corps is considered a part of the Department of The navy(?) if so, does that make it any easier to enroll in BUD/S
2. What is the length of training time in the RIP course
3. What is the USMC's position on General Education Diplomas(GED's)
Thank You for your time.
1. The USMC is apart of the navy, yes. no idea about how easy to get into buds but if you want to become a navy seal and think you have what it takes why not just join Force Recon. idea
3. im on RA right now and i keep hearing that if you have a GED, you need to have some college credits along w/ it to enlist in the USMC
Couple things,

You can enlist into the Navy and, if I remember right, get a shot at BUDS in your contract. In the Corps, you may goto the Combat Diver course if you are approved to go to the school. For Recon, you need to pass the screening, which now MIGHT be offered after AIT, but most of the time, you are allowed to "try" the screening after you are at your unit and it requires recommendations from your CO and 1st Shirt or Companyt Gunny.

Second, GED's used to be accepted for enlistment....but that was awhile ago.

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Questions ansewered

Thank you all for your time. I spoke with my recruiter:
A GED with 12 colege credits counts as the equivilant to a high school degreee in the Army and Marine Crops
He also stated that becasue teh marines are Department of teh Navy that it is simpler to get a shot at buds than with army or air force
thank you for your time and i hope that this topic will benifit others
i got the official GED stand.

the USMC only gives out so many spots per RS per year that can be filled w/ a GED'er. good to go if you your RS has any GED spots left, the other option is to get a GED and get 9college credits which rates as a first level or something like that which is equivalent to a high school diploma