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I have a question... what would i have to do to be fit for navy,marines,army, etc. any specific Guidelines on how fit i should be and what i should do to become fit enough to join?
Best thing to do is ask a recruiter or someone who just got out of Boot Camp, Basic, which ever branch you decide to go into.
For me, in my opinion I know for the Army no matter how good of shape that you are in, The DI's are going to break you mentally and physically. For the Army you will have to do a certain number of push ups and sit ups in two minutes and run the 2 mile in a certain amount of time...all those depend upon your age. After you go to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and get your physical and they say everything is good to do, you will get orders cut to go to Basic Training. When you go to basic training the first place you stop at is reception station, this is where you get your haircut, all your shots, uniforms, and where you take your inital PT Test. This is not a normal PT Test you only have to do a few push ups and sit ups and you only run one mile instead of two. This test is just used to see where you are at, if you pass that test then you will be sent down range. So my advice to you is work on form for push ups and sit ups rather than quanity once you have the form down the rest will come with time. As for the run work on your breathing, building up your endurance sprint the straights and jog the corners for two miles on a track, that helps cut your time down. Just study rank structure, general orders, and chain of command. is a good site to help prepare. Hope all this info helps, it has been a few years since I went but that is what I remember.
If you are talking about physical fitness than you need to run a lot no matter what branch you go to This link is to the calculator to determine your hight and weight standards for each branch just punch in your info and hit enter or click on compare to other services