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can you go to the army if you have fallen arches or flatfeet??

Because i have heard that you cant and from some people i heard that you can
I know you didn't used to be able to with flat feet, but I think after lengthy research done by the Army they concluded the flatter your feet the less injury risk, so now you can enlist with flat feet.

[joke]During WWII, a young mountain man enlisting with flat feet was told the Army couldn't take him.

"Son, we can't take you with flat feet. You wouldn't be able to march a mile!".

"Ah shucks, that shur is too bad, I don walked 80 miles to git here, and I shur do hate to have to walk back!"[/joke]
i have no problem with flatfeets i play icehockey and football and all other sports and a can run alot more then 1 mile 8) ;)