Question about OSUT


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My husband is in OSUT @ Ft. Benning...I heard that at the end of the basic part of OSUT there is a family this true? and during the AIT portion of OSUT is he allowed to have visitors on the weekend??

Thanks in advance
I know at the end of Basic at the graduation there is a family day which you can spend with your soldier. I don't know if its different for OSUT. Towards the middle-end of AIT, he will be able to get weekend passes. Again I don't know if OSUT is any different.

Hope I helped, good luck :)
I guess it might not matter now, but I might be able to answer that. I don't know if it's the same with Ft. Benning, but at Ft. Knox, after about 9 weeks of OSUT the recruits get a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday off, within 50 miles. I imagine that there's a lot of Article 15's issued when the recruits get back hehe
I witnessed something like that. My brother got back to formation with a coupla minutes left, we could still hang around. About 30 seconds after the DS called 2100 hours, a soldier came racing up in car going 90 mph, literally flew to formation. He would have made it, had he not stomped on a giant IRON PLATE. It made a sound like artillery, calling the attention of everyone. After being singled out by the DS, he snuck back into formation 3 times. After formation broke, he tried to sneak up the stairs. He was caught. It wasn't pretty... :(

ok ...i'm really upset now..i had called my husbands recruiter and asked him about graduation ceremonies...i asked him after the 14 wks he can come home ..he told me yeah..but then proceeded to tell me that i will get to see him during the BCT grad ceremony @ 9wks.. i was very happy...he then told me that after that he will continue on to his job training husb is doing OSUT @ Benning...well the recruiter then told me that the grad ceremony @ the end of 14wks is very small and no one ever goes to it because the guys are trying to get home..well per the Benning website it says grad stuff is at the end of the 14wks..and my friend told me the same ..because her husb just grad from OSUT @ Benning a few months who do i believe the recruiter or my friend or the website?? I'm SOOOO CONFUSED NOW!!! can someone help???

From what I heard from my friend, when he graduated, a lot of people's families came to it. Just write to your husband, and ask him, he'd know better than us.