PX (Post Exchange). Avatar, Signature, Gear etc..


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The Forums own PX (Post Exchange) is now open..

Here I will add a lot of different gear you can "buy" and show in your profile and in your posts.

I'm going to add a Flag shop, where you can buy your national flag.
A NATO map markings shop, where you can buy your unit's map marking (infantry, artillery, armored etc...)
A Gender shop ( so you can show if you are a male or female)
Different equipment shops, with small images of military equipment (army, ships, helicopters, planes etc.) so you can show what kind of equipment you use/have used.

And a lot more is planned.

You can also sell back items to the shop for 75% of the price.

Please post here if you have any suggestions for other types of shops.
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Forum Special Effects Store.

Here you can buy different special effects for you profile.

You must buy the Avatar ability in order to show your avatar in your posts. And it's the same with your signature and rank.

You can also buy special effects for your username, Colors, Glow around the name, and/or shadow effect on your name.
And it's the same options for your title/rank.
(Glow/Shadow does only work/show on Internet Explorer)

You can preview these effects at the bottom of that store.

You can also buy a custom title/rank instead of private, corporal, sergeant etc...
And you can change you username in here.

WARNING: When you buy one of the special effects it's not possible to sell them back to the store. You can cancel them, but you'll get no refund for them!! So be sure to use the test option before you buy!

Please do not reply here...
Flag shop added.

Here you can buy your country's national flag.
I have only added a few flags, PM me if you can't find your flag here.
Added Nato Symbols shop.

Here you can buy standard NATO map marking symbols.
You can show what unit you're in/or has been in.

I have added most of the symbols now.
Please PM me if you can't find your unit, and I'll add it.

Please don't reply here.
Added a US Armed Forces flag shop.

You can buy the US Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps flag here.

Made this shop since most of the forum members seems to be from USA....

Contact me If you want your country's armed forced flags/insignia in the PX.
First step taken to make the PX more international... :)

Added the Norwegian Branch insignias now.

Please mail me your country's Army/Navy/Air Force etc. badges/insignia, and I'll add the to the forum!