Punishment of Sadaam, his lackies, & terrorists in gener


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Ok, I was talking to some friends of mine that are "less patriotic" than I am. Not to brag or nothing just stating a fact. Anyways, I was talking to them and they were complaining about a few of our soldiers that had been cruel to prisoners. I didnt condone (that means agree with right?) their actions but I did say that if you saw your buddies being defiled by sick dirty soldiers and people who have mistreated your brothers and sisters in arms then in that situation its hard not too.

Anyways somehow we got onto the subject of how they should be punished. They say prison for a while and that since we should never have gone to Iraq so we should give the "supposed prisoners" to the UN.

I however believe the top officials of terrorists should be publicly hung. Either that or firing squad. Overall I think we're to kind to those on death row and pow's. But thats what set the Americans apart from many other nations policies on pow's. Anyways just wondering what your thoughts on it are?

The criminal policies of the US are much more lenient then other countries. For the punishment of Saddam and his little minions, they should just go burn in Hell.