PT test: is it a bad idead to...


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Is it a bad idea to already be able to smash any PT test requirements at the beginning of BCT? I'm 30, and I can do 75 pushups and 60 situps in the 2 minute period, as well as run my 2m in 15:00. I have always been obsessed with keeping myself in shape, and I'm wondering if I am only going to make it harder on myself by destroying the fitness requirements before my final test. Any feedback on this one?
my stance is this: why sandbag, yaknow? Always push hard. And damn, your scores are impressive...I'm 19, and I score a 14:45 run, 75 pushup, and 70 I need to push harder :p
I go to Marine corps recruit training this summer and i will bust my ass to do perfect on the pt. I can already get the perfect 300 on there pft and that will make me a pfc right out of basic. I can do more than 20 pull-ups. I can do over 100 crunches in 2 mins and run 3 miles in under 18 mins. I dont think they tes push-ups in the marines.