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I just need to know if I can still get into the Army with an STD. Does anyone know the Army's policy on STDs? I actually did hear from someone that I'd be surprised how many servicemen/women have STDs. I know of course they don't let people with AIDS or any STD that affects how you do your job. But honestly I don't even know what I have. They are just little lumps/warts. Probably Herpes or HPV. I don't know. I know I should see a doctor, but I just can't let my parents know about this. The thing is, it doesn't hurt, or anything. I feel just like I used to before I got it. Except it's there of course. So when I go to MEPS should I tell them about it? Or will they just find out? They are kind of hard to see, and I heard most doctors at MEPS are old. So can anyone educate me on what to do? Will I need a waiver? Will this be a problem? I hear it's not that big of a problem. But I just wanted to know. I'm sorry for bringing this up in this forum, but can somebody please help me with some information? Thank you.
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My advice: Go see a doctor right away, don't try to join before you know what it is!!
Dude why are you here if you got something like that?? Go to a doctor!! You want to lose your nuggets or something??
Go to Planned Parenthoods website and ask them about it. If they don't give free/discount STD testing, then they will know who will.
Research it online I am sure that there are plenty of other people in a similar situation, I am sure there are programs out there that will do the testing or whatever needs to be done at a discount or free rate. But no way you should go to the MEPS before the testing is complete, your helath is what is most important because if you are unhealthy there is no pint in joining. Take care of yourself first
Some MEPS doctors may be old, but they are still doctors and they most certainly do look for outward and inward signs of STDs. Go to your local health clinic, some hospitals have them others are a separate area (use the phone book to find it). They will test you and medicate you for free, without telling your parents (if you are a minor). I would suggest, however that you do tell your parents, if it is something as serious as herpes, you will need some support. Do not shrug off HPV either, there is no cure and it is the fastest spreading STD out there ... there only one known protection against it, abstinence.

Do not sleep with anyone until you've seen a doctor and been diagnosed and cured (if possible). If it is Herpes or HPV, welcome to a world of pills, outbreaks and always having to inform everyone prior to sexual intercourse of your condition.

Get to the doctor, lad.