Problem with arcade


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I don't know if it has anything to do with the forum or if it is a problem within the game itself, but Breakout regularly doesn't record scores, it just seems to freeze up at the end maybe 1 out of every 3 or 4 games. Has anyone else had this problem? If not, maybe it has something to do with my computer (I wouldn't know either way haha, no idea about computers).
It's a little aggravating when you've invested so much time and effort into a game, achieved the high score, and then no credit. It makes me cry at night sometimes. Just kidding, just thought you might want to know, Redleg.
This is strange..

If the game freezes it shouldn't be a problem with the forum, since the game runs on it's own.
It could of course be a problem with the game.
I have some problems with the arcade on my work computer, but it's protected behind huge Firewalls and a lot of other security stuff, so I have problems with a lot of webpages from that one.
It could be your firewall that's the problem.. (do you use one?)

I haven't encountered it on my home computer, and I have tested it several times before I added it to the arcade here.
If anyone else has this problem please let me know.
Negative, no firewall. Yeah this computer does some screwy stuff sometimes, so it's not unlikely that the problem is at my end.

On an unrelated note, where the heck has everyone been lately? I finally get some down time where I have nothing to do but sit on my bum in front of a dang computer, and nobody's around. Kinda makes me think I smell bad or something. :lol:
Well, it happened again. No idea what the problem is, everything else on my computer seems to be running fine, nothing else froze up. It has only happened with Breakout, so I think the problem might be with that game (or maybe my computer doesn't like that one, like I said, I know nothing about computers).

How long had you played/what score did you have when the game froze?
The first time I posted about the problem I had played quite awhile and had a score of 54000 something (of which I was extremely proud haha). The second time I had played for a few minutes and had a score of 25000 and some change.
Both thimes it only froze when I had lost my last ball, it would say "game over" but not go to the other screen that says "score saved" and has the "close" button, and obviously it didn't save my scores.
Did you click the mouse over "game over"??
You have to to that in order to get your games saved..... 8)

I have also reinstalled the game, and reset the highscores.
I hope that it works now...
oops, didn't know that. Well it looks like it's off to the races for me and Acerbus again haha.