that wasn't in the least bit funny at all

i understand your need for patriotic material to keep morale high and all that but there is such thing as "too much" and such thinly veilled, unimaginative BS is a waste of time to all who read it as it contains absolutely no humour whatsoever and is pointless
well first of all, us being forced to click through it lowered the comedy factor. it would have been better use to make it a flash.
I thought it was funny, (hotel room in Kabul $5). The ending should have been "...for everything else theres an airstrike"
i wasnt trying to give her a hard time, just giving my opinion on the submission. dont u agree that it being a slide show rather than made in flash made it less funny?
Pretty good, if you have the patience to click through and read all the submissions. Otherwise, no instant gratification when first clicking into the site. :)