Presidential Debate - Round 3 - Who won?

Who won the 3rd and Final Debate?

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godofthunder9010 said:
Another day, another debate. Who won this one?

I'm going for Bush... He did very well in this one with outsourcing, jobs, education, stem cell, etc... I think this one was a Bush victory...

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I watched the Debate while at work :) I especially liked Kerri's trying to accuse Bush of doing things that he actually did do.
bush shot himself in the foot a couple times he shouldn't have paraded his education program around just to dodge a question about jobs considering his education plan sucks and he's getting the jobs back, I'm giving it to kerry only because he had good plans, not because they were feasible(I sure would like to know where his money is gonna come from if he wins)
I really think this one was a draw, both their economic plans require a fair amount of sacrifice from Americans and are not sure to work. The next four years could be quite a gamble if we have but a single slip up. I really am not that worried though, we always manage to get out of sticky situations. :rambo:
The ability of the government to affect economics is MASSIVELY overstated in almost every instance, yet its one of the most important factors in who wins. Kinda silly if you ask me.