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The following quote is attributed to the late President Reagan:

"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don't have that problem"

This quote is present on thousands of web sites, including I have seen it attributed to three separate dates: 9/23/83, 1985, 1995, but cannot verify these dates.

9/23/83: one month prior to the bombing in Lebanon and the invasion of Grenada

1985: A "light" year for the Marine Corps; no reason to be singled out

1995: I left the Marine Corps in 1993 and my memory "serves" that I was familiar with this quote prior to 1995; also, I thought that President Reagan did not make any public appearances subsequent to his "Alzheimers" speech

Does anybody know, or possibly remember, 1) the date of this quote, 2) the location and event of this quote, 3) the context of the quote, and 4) if there are any pictures of President Reagan delivering this speech?

I have spent several hours at the Reagan Library web site going over the text of speeches and have not found the quote. I contacted the Reagan Library and they said they have received several similar requests and are not aware of the origin of the quote. I contacted the Marine Corps Association and they too are unaware its origin.

I currently teach school and want to incorporate this quote into my teacher web page, but in it's proper context.

It seems that somebody must have been there, must remember...

Thanks for your help.
I've tried to do some research on that quote before, but no luck...

I guess I have to change the quote into "attributed to Ronald Reagan (origin unknown)" on my site.