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hay people,

ok, im doing a presentation for college on any topic im interested in, its v important so iv decided to do it on animal cruelty because its something im v interested in and i can include a wide range of stuff in it like animals experiencing emotions, animal welfare, how humans and chimps share DNA etc

my point is if anyone knows any good books (i could get in Ireland) or websites or anything like that i could get info please let me no thanx!
Welldone on your frist post.

Remote control rifle range debuts

The site will let people shoot barbary sheep and other species
Soon you could go hunting via the net.
A Texas company is considering letting web users use a remote-controlled rifle to shoot down deer, antelope and wild pigs.

For a small fee users will take control of a camera and rifle that they can use to spot and shoot the game animals as they roam around a 133-hectare Texas ranch.

The Live-Shot website behind the scheme already lets people practise shooting at targets via the internet.

Gun sights

John Underwood, the man behind the Live-Shot website, said the idea for the remote-control hunting came to him a year ago when he was watching deer via a webcam on another net site.

"We were looking at a beautiful white-tail buck and my friend said 'If you just had a gun for that'. A little light bulb went off in my head," Mr Underwood told the Reuters news agency.

A year's work and $10,000 has resulted in a remote-controlled rig on which sits a camera and .22 calibre rifle.

Mr Underwood is planning to put one of these rigs in a concealed location in a small reserve on his Texas ranch and let people shoot at a variety of game animals.

Also needed is a fast net connection so remote hunters can quickly track and aim at passing game animals with the camera and rifle rig.

Each remote hunting session will cost $150 with additional fees for meat processing and taxidermy work.

Species that can be shot will include barbary, Corsican and mouflon sheep, blackbuck antelope and wild pigs.

Already the Live-Shot site lets people shoot 10 rounds at paper and silhouette targets for $5.95 for each 20-minute shooting session. For further fees, users can get the target they shot and a DVD recording of their session.

Handlers oversee each shooting session and can stop the gun being fired if it is being aimed off-range or at something it should not be.

Mr Underwood said that internet hunting could be popular with disabled hunters unable to get out in the woods or distant hunters who cannot afford a trip to Texas.

Mike Berger, wildlife director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said current hunting statutes did not cover net or remote hunting.

He said state laws on hunting only covered "regulated animals" such as native deer and bird species. As such there was nothing to stop Mr Underwood letting people hunt "unregulated" imported animals and wild pigs.

Mr Underwood also lets people come in person to the ranch to hunt and shoot game animals.
Uhm, wouldn't it be easier to pick up one of those hunting video games? I would think the hunting experience is more or less lost when you're in your comfy house. But then I've never been hunting, and never will.

As for the topic.... don't know a thing! :x

Hey compare the "Fight flight" phase..................................

Its human instint, we kept from cave men/apes (what ever)

Anyways animals use this still.....................

Do you stay or do you fight???

I Know its pretty basic but its closest animal instict a human has.

I do know this...............

Crocidiles are the nearest thing to dinosours................they hunt with very precise military precision and that the military used to study croc's for this technique.

They can stay under water for up to 2hrs, cutting off circulation to the body and pumping into parts that is need e.g. heart. Croc's heart is seperated into two parts which makes this capable of shutting certain veins.

They watch prey anything upto an hour before striking and not being seen.

They say when you can see a croc (5metres away from you) that its too late.

A croc can out run a humna for 300 yards straight, so when being chased it is advised to run in a zig zag as the croc would follow that pattern and you can out run it then.

Thats all i know lol

I got a cousin in aussie land that studied these things for years

sorry i couldn't resist calling you STEVE IRVING... ha ha ha lol.. no offense intended just a lighthearted sarcastic joke!!