Pres. Bush Predicts U.N. Resolution Will Pass Unanimously


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Bush: U.N. resolution on Iraq will pass unanimously
Tuesday, June 8, 2004 Posted: 1:51 PM EDT (1751 GMT)


SEA ISLAND, Georgia (CNN) -- President Bush on Tuesday predicted that the U.N. Security Council would unanimously approve a resolution on the transfer of power in Iraq, "if things go well."

U.N. officials said Tuesday the council is expected to convene at 5 p.m. EDT.

France, Germany and Spain have said they intend to vote for the U.S.- and British-backed resolution that would give additional international support to the new interim Iraqi government.

It also would add more international support for the U.S.-led coalition force to stabilize the country.

"There were some who said we'd never get one," Bush said of the resolution during a photo opportunity at the G-8 economic summit in Georgia.

He called a "free Iraq a "catalyst for change" in the Middle East.

"Looks like, if things go well, it would be a unanimous vote thereby saying to the world that members of the Security Council are interested in working together to make sure that Iraq is free and peaceful and democratic. I think this is a very important moment," Bush said.

The most recent draft of the resolution makes clear that the interim Iraqi government will have the authority to order the multinational force to leave at any time.

French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier told France-Inter radio that France, which has the power of veto on the U.N. Security Council and staunchly opposed the war in Iraq, was still not fully satisfied with the resolution, but would vote for it.

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said: "Germany is going to vote for the resolution. It is important now to stick to the schedule that is to lead to free and fair elections by January 2005 at the latest."

In Madrid, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos told a news conference "Spain will vote in favor in a spirit of cooperation."

This cleared the way for Security Council approval later on Tuesday, with most diplomats predicting a unanimous 15-0 vote.

Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said the interim government expects "a favorable resolution by either tonight or tomorrow."

"The discussions are still ongoing in the Security Council," Allawi said Tuesday.

"The atmosphere is very favorable."

Meanwhile, deadly suicide car bombs in Baquba and Mosul and an accidental blast killing coalition soldiers in southern Iraq Tuesday served as a counterpoint to the U.N. Security Council's deliberations. (Full story)

Three Italians and a Pole who had been taken hostage in Iraq have been freed in a coalition military operation south of Baghdad, authorities said Tuesday. (Full story)

Late Monday, a last-minute compromise offered by the United States at the U.N. got a positive reaction from France and Germany.

The proposed U.S. change addresses concerns over control of the multinational force (MNF) in Iraq, and says an Iraqi committee will work with that force to reach agreement on security "including policy on sensitive offensive operations."

The resolution says there will be "full partnership between Iraqi forces and the MNF, through close coordination and consultation."

French U.N. Ambassador Jean-Marc de la Sabliere said there was "a lot of improvement in this text. ... I think things are going in the right direction."

Iraq's Allawi said he is "in constant touch with the minister of foreign affairs of Iraq who is conducting the negotiations on behalf of the Iraqi government with the various members of the Security Council and we hope this would come to a satisfactory conclusion very soon."

In remarks Tuesday to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said "the significance of the resolution is really to take away the concept of occupation, which I would say is the reason for many of the difficulties we've been going through since liberation on April 9."

He said the resolution will enhance the government's legitimacy.

"It will not be seen as purely an American-led administration."

On subject of the need for coalition or multinational forces in Iraq, Zebari said: "We need these forces. It is an Iraqi need, more than an American or coalition need. The consequences would be catastrophic."

Zebari said "withdrawal would create a vacuum and we, the Iraqis, are not ready to fill it. There would be the possibility of a junior Saddam coming up again."
If we manage to get out the Iraqi mess it will be a great victory for the USA and for the West and a big humiliation for those like France Germany Belgium or Canada ( and latest Spain ) that opposed Bush / Blair/ Berlusconi / Kwasnieski's grand plan for Iraq.
Let's move on then. Great news.
Im glad the UN is finally agreeing with Bush / Blair/ Berlusconi / Kwasnieski. This is going to help Bush in the up coming elections :D