pregnant, but not

Uhmm idk what any of that means, but I don't think I was clear enough on what I was saying. I know if it test positive that you will be discharged but how would I go about proving I'm not pregnant anymore without going to the doctor just about every week because I don't have insurance. I have the papers that say what happened and my ultrasound, but I just have this feeling its not going to be enough..... or am I just screwed ?
You're either pregnant or you aren't. Which one is it?

Are you hoping to hide the pregnancy?

(I think you've already been "screwed" :lol:)
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What exactly is your situation? I am assuming that you mean you are about to ship to basic training, because they are not going to discharge you for being pregnant otherwise. They are also not going to send you to basic training if you're pregnant. If you're not pregnant anymore, or you never were, whatever, then ask your recruiter what you should do. It doesn't matter what anybody in here says, if a recruiter doesn't go along with it then it's not going to help you is it? If your recruiter doesn't help you, go to a different one in a different city if you have to or call their 1-800 number and ask.
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