Pre-military training


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As many of you already know, I'm striving to join the Marine Corps once I graduate. I'm trying to spend my next 3 years getting in shape for Boot Camp, but I need to know what type of physical exercise I should do to prepare myself. I've started by walking or jogging nearly everywhere I go, but that doesn't do much. What else could I do over the next 3 years (age 15-18.) to prepare myself for the hell that I hear Boot Camp is?
I am not in USMC, but getting in shape for general...there is a lot of stuff online search running work outs, search pull ups, sit ups. Lift weights hit the gym, play sports, jog the corners sprint the straight aways on a track for two-three miles that will help your endurance. Join the track team they will have workouts for you. Hope this helps
There are many threads in this forum already about this. Try doing a search, and you should come up with several that will offer you some helpful information. If you're looking for a program, try the Navy EOD Warning Order. I've posted the link in various other posts. It's a good program, and typically has excellent results.