Posting for no good reason=SPAMMING


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It seems that a few of our users took the habit of posting responses like:


" :lol: "

" :rambo: "

And so on. Ok, I do it sometimes too. But I try to avoid it. Also people seem to sometimes not see the difference between inner monologue and outer communication. Before you press that "Submit" think for a moment:

1:Is this post of any value?
2:Is it funny(To everyone, not just the poster!!!)?
3:Am I sure it does not offend someone?
4:Does it make sense? Is it readable?

IF you see that NO is the answer to most of these questions, DON'T post.....There is no need to overwork the mods by posting stuff for us to clean up after, we don't need the practice......


Redneck edit: If you are not a Moderator or named Redleg, do not post in this thread, if you have an issue with anything laid out here, post it in "Questions" or send one of us a PM.
Good copy. ;)

That about sums it up.
By the way, responses like " :lol: " etc. are fine where appropriate (i.e. the jokes and humor sections), but do not get carried away with it.
We have also noticed that some members have been having language-barrier/age-related misunderstandings here recently, if you are unsure about the meaning of something, do not feel that you are obligated to comment on it. If it interests you and you want to understand it, send one of us or the original poster a PM and we will be happy to explain it to the best of our abilities.