Portuguese Unit Mottos


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"Audaces Fortuna Juvat" (Fortune Favours the Bold)

Battle Cry: "Mama Sumae" (Bantu for "Here we are, ready for the sacrifice")


"Que nunca por vencidos se conheçam" (Let them never be known as vanquished)

Special Operations (AKA: Rangers)

"Que os muitos por ser poucos não temamos" (That the many for we being few we shall not fear)

Portuguese Marine Corps

"Braço às armas feito" (Arm made for weapons)

Portuguese Army 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion

"Vontade e Valor" (Will and Valor)

Portuguese Army 4th Cavalry Regiment

"Perguntai ao inimigo quem somos" (Ask the enemy who we are)

Portuguese Air Force 201st Fighter Squadron

"Guerra ou paz, tanto nos faz" (War or peace, it doesn't matter to us)