Polish Troops Find Sarin Warheads

Very interesting and useful stuff. DTop kicks ass and I propose to nominate him for Military Related News' honorary president :D

( You been posting so much here, man )
I don't know abot that, I just like to keep an interested eye on what's going on.
Now do those count as WMD? :? :lol:

Thanks for the link, DTop, I was out at the lake the past two days and would have missed it (I doubt there will be much further discussion about them in the media, seeing as it's not bad news).
You got that right. It's really amazing how nothing but negative news gets aired. I know we've mentioned this before but the media still amazes me.
You guys are right: well I actually have heard this one but it's still so little.
Positive news dont get aired.
And I'll tell you more: why do media keep airing all that propaganda stuff from terrorists ? I mean videos, training ? It will only make our islamic immigrant feel like joining the jihad.
They should be ridiculed ( ridiculized ? ) not exhalted if you see my point. I know it's a democracy, but hell we're at war now :evil:
Its always funny that way with any type of finding...just be careful. Things that are found are often only the tip of an iceberg. The rest (probably a whole bunch more) are just sitting beneath the surface.
i dont think syria got as many as people think...the bulk will still be found in Iraq.

It is a very dangerous thing to transport chemical weapons, especially warheads in missles, small rockets, and mortar shells. one accident along the way, and its good by transport people. That, and they are so vulnerable to air attacks and such: not only an explosive hazard, but just nick one shell of sarin and its all over but the crying. That, and the fact that the Over head J-STARS aircraft didnt detect large runs to the syrian border that didnt get by without some kind of look tells me that the majority of what they seek is still in Iraq.

Its there. Under that sand pile somewhere.

"Its there. Under that sand pile somewhere. "

I have doubts. Surely someone would have stepped forward by now to collect that reward.

So far the only finds have been of things the Iraqis themselves did not know they had. It's all Iraq-Iran War-vintage stuff, when they manufactured chemical rounds in large quantities and did not bother marking them as such. During the Gulf War their centralized military databases were bombed, and the Iraqis had to reinventory all of their military afterwards. At this time they probably lost track of those unmarked chemical munitions that were all mixed up with the conventional stuff anyway.

The upshot, of course, is that the Iraqis may well have used chemical weapons in ODS or OIF without even realizing it.