Polish RSC wz. 24 gas mask for sale


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In perfect condition! See pictures:





Description of the gas mask type:

This is one of the gas masks, that polish army was using in 1939 campaign. That model is one of the earliest, based on french ARS, designed in 1924 (RSC wz 24). It has a short container (french made type) and celluloid "glasses", like in the earliest models, but has also black, wide elastics, modernised in 30'.

Description of my gas mask:

Gas mask is complete, without any damages, it has all the belts and elastics. There are few cracs on the rubber cover of the burrs, but very small. You can see it all on the phothos. It's complete with a container, instruction, envelope for extra lenses, it haven't only the extra lenses. There are stamps on the instruction with warning "remove absorber's cover" (the factory made paper cover is removed) and control stamps "may 1935" and "july 1939". Mask was probably closed in container since 1939, so rubberised linien is now quiet stiff, but inclining it and putting on isn't cousing any cracs or damages, rubber is still elastic enough. I'm not specialist, so i didn't do any conservations, mask that you can see on the photos looks like it was looking like when i found it.

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Price would be 135 EUR + costs of shipping (<25 EUR in Europe)[/url]