Police raid in the gambling hall...


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There has been a police raid in the Milforum gambling hall..
Lot's of illegal goods and substances has been discovered, and the manager has been sent to prison for further interrogations...

Due to this the slot machine and dice game will be closed for now...
It's not possible to win MilBucks in the Arcade anymore either...

Hm... :D
The real reason is that the slot machine and dice game didn't work properly, and some of you have won a LOT more MilBucks than I thought was possible..

This kind of breaks with the whole MilBucks idea to reward active (posting) members, so I have decided to close the gambling possibilities for now..

It's not possible to win any MilBucks in the Arcade either, but I will reset the highscore once a month (or every secodn week), and the one who has the highscore will win 300 MilBucks!! :D
(Max 600MilBucks..)
I'm also going to install some new games soon.

Please post your comments or questions to this in the suggestion or questions forum...
Congratulations to Darkmb1 and FutureRanger with two highscores in the Arcade.

600 Milbucks on it's way to you..
(I haven't decided if you deserve any yet Redneck.. :wink: )

And I have ALL the Highscores in the Arcade now.. 8)