points suggestion


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Private 0-9,Private First Class -10-29,Corporal 30-59,Sergeant 50-99,Staff Sergeant 100-149,Sergeant First Class 150-209,Master Sergeant 210-279,First Sergeant 280-359,Sergeant Major 360-449,Command Sergeant Major 450-549,Sergeant Major of the Army 550-659,Warrent Officer 1, 660-779,Warrent Officer 2, 780-909,Warrent Officer 3, 910-1049,Warrent Officer 4, 1050-1199,Warrent Officer 5, 1200-1359.
I've been thinking about using NCO and warrant officer ranks as well, but I dropped it.
Many countries does not have NCOs and WOs, so it easier to understand the ranks if I just use the "plain" army ranks..

But thanks for the suggestion. :)

it would give people something to work forward to just think it would look cool,they don't have to know what our who it is do they