Plastic Surgery?

Yes, they can. But if you’re thinking about joining the Armed Forces just for that, you’re not joining for the right reasons. If you’re not, then I sincerely apologize for that commit. Believe me or not, I have seen it happen. TWICE!
The only time the military will pay for them is if you can prove it has to do with morale. I know they do reductions for health reasons and that good stuff but I have only heard of one individual who was in the service actually getting them.
I saw several cases of "member funded" cases when I was on active duty (Marines) and I have a friend who received "service funded" implants. Her case was, as mentioned, due to morale (she was moderately uneven). It's not common but it does happen.
I dont think that it is going to be something that the military pays for. I know there is a program going on for anyone that has been deployed for six months has the option to get lazer eye surgery if commander approves it, but for something like that improving your eye sight could save your life, but as for larger breasts....i think you get my point....I do not think it is against regulation to get breast implants. But one good point was made make sure that your uniforms still fit, because they will come out of your pocket otherwise.
hey im new on here so i dont know if this has been posted or not, but does anyone on here know of anybody who has had plastic surgery, mainly breast augmentations done by military? do they do a good job or are you better off going somewhere else for it. thanks