Pistol/Rifle Qualifications


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Does anyone have a good web listing of the various qualification levels for pistol/rifle marksmanship medals? (In other words, what someone must shoot/what levels/what scores/etc., to attain a specific rating?) Thanks in advance
I believe for 9mil the quals are 18 out of 30 for marksman, 22 out of 30 for sharpshooter, and 26 out of 30 for expert.
I don't know what the standards are for the M9/M11 (and can't seem to find the little barstards on the internet), but at Ft. Knox we were given two ten round magazines on a 25m pop-up range, I missed one (defective round ;) ), and the sergeant who was yelling out the scores at the end said it was Expert.
Thanks for all the info folks. Has anyone seen anything Navy specific? Or, does anyone know what sort of weapons training given to Navy officers, particularly in the "Direct Appointment" Program (for the reserves - a two week course in Pensacola)? I've not been able to find much more than general information on the Navy's website.